Check Out This Article: “Research finds link between social media and the ‘fear of missing out’”

Justin White’s article covers on the concept of FOMO, otherwise known as, the fear of missing out which occurs when people (mainly teens) feel anxious when they don’t attend a social event or see their friends having fun on social media without them. This is mainly seen in people ages 13-33, furthermore, a survey was conducted and stated that two-thirds of people deal with this fear of missing out. In addition, it also stated that it’s more common to see this in guys than girls which I found very surprising. FOMO can impact someone psychologically and may lead to anxiety as well as depression. Research states that, “…people who experience FOMO are most likely to value social media as part of their social development” (White). On the other hand, some claim FOMO helps people and encourages them to socialize with other people. In addition, some believe FOMO enhances communication with other people, therefore, they end up being more active on social media. The article also stated that checking social media and being antisocial can be used in a useful manner such as checking up on a old friend. However, psychologists are worried that FOMO is related to a cognitive distortion creating unreasonable thoughts in one’s brain. For instance, thinking that your friends don’t like you because you weren’t invited to a party. People that constantly acquire these thoughts are found to be depressed more often. This article relates to the article about, “How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist” because it also focused it’s attention on the fear of missing out. The article covered on how, “…we’ll always miss something important at any point when we stop using something” (Harris). I think it’s very important to live in the moment and not be so connected to our phones because we can miss meaningful things that happen in our lives that won’t be found on our phones.

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