Check Out This Article: “6 questions help reveal if you’re addicted to social media”

Mark Griffiths’s and Daria Kuss’s article, “6 questions help reveal if you’re addicted to social media” discusses how one is able to discover if they’re addicted to the use of social media and ways in how to treat this addiction. One of the questions people should ask themselves is, “Do you spend a lot of time, when you’re not online, thinking about social media or planning to use social media?” (Griffiths & Kuss). I found this question to be the answer to reveal whether individuals are addicted to social media because thinking about social media when you’re not using it reveals how you’re mentally attached to it and constantly depend on it. The article also stated how addicted individuals to social media should have a “digital detox” a method of decreasing the amount of time you spend on your phone. For instance, turning off the sound, checking your phone every hour, or having certain periods of the day dedicated to no screen time. The article also mentioned that in 2011 for a small group of people, social media had impacted their relationship, work, and academics. Ways that individuals can limit their use of technology can start by the government as well as organizations banning the use of mobile devices in certain areas such as when driving. Another way is that schools and colleges can also enforce policies that prohibit the use of technology and mobile devices to ensure the attention of students in class. It even mentioned how some restaurants are providing discounts to individuals who refrain from the use of mobile devices when eating. The treatment for many individuals who are addicted is just to refrain from constantly using your phone. Overall, I found this article very interesting because it shows us how our generation is so drawn to social media and technology that we escape reality.

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